Testimonial from session Tues Oct 13th

October 23, 2020

Leeds Mistress Miss Curvy

I have just had a visit to see Miss Curvy at her new location,  and I thought it would be good to share my experience with others,well some of it anyway.

Miss’s new location was very easy to find with the excellent direction’s she provided, I found the place to be very clean with fantastic rooms, and equipment.

Miss Curvy was wearing her cat suit, she looked fantastic, she had a chat with me at the start which was nice, and I should really be telling you about what happened in the session.

It started off with Miss telling me to strip off for an inspection, which was very ‘detailed ‘ , and then the punishment began, I had ended up with a hard on without permission, so that had to be punished,so a cock whipping to start followed by some ball busting.

Then I was secured to the cross for a whipping,front and back with various whips and floggers. Miss does enjoy her floggers, once she was happy I had been punished enough it was time for CBT,s so it was onto the punishment bed, where I was secured , and then the fun began. Miss had a frame that she used to secure my cock onto with staples before putting hooks through my ball sack and finishing off with needles through my foreskin. Very intense and skillful work by Miss Curvy.

Miss did not forget about my nipples they were dealt with as well, nipple clamps were used to great affect, along with flogging my nipples just to increase the sensation Miss said, it did that well increasing the pain.

Once I have suffered enough Misstress took it all off and ordered me to the punishment bench, Miss had chosen 3 canes,crops and these and she decided to use my birthday as the basis for the number of strokes of each, which overall ended up quite a lot, but she does know I have a high pain threshold so it was all delivered robustly, which I did painfully enjoy!

Once Miss was happy I had been punished enough for now it was ‘strap-on’ time. Well Miss Curvy is excellent at many things, and she pounded me well and truly. It was fantastic and the first time I’d experienced Miss Curvys strap- on skills and I do so hope it won’t be the last.

At the end we had a chat about how the session went, which was very good. Miss Curvy is a very nice person, a fantastic Mistress and respects your limits at all times, a fantastic experience.

Thankyou Miss

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