Testimonial from humble slave

May 4, 2021

After trying to arrange a session for what seemed like forever we managed to arrange one and I was eager to serve Miss Curvy. I arrived very early, Miss Curvy was understanding and allowed me to enter early.

We had discussed my interests and experiences by email so Miss Curvy knew what to do.

I was forced into Miss Curvys underwear then given a good spanking as punishment for my early arrival. I was then suspended and got a strong beating and nipple torture as punishment for staring at Mistresses beautiful breasts.

After further beating I was secured on the bondage table to suffer estim and hot wax treatment on my poor dick.

I was rewarded by Mistress crushing my face under her gorgeous bottom and allowing me to drink her nectar.

The 2 hours were over in a flash and I left very happy with a painful bottom.

I look forward to my next visit for the punishment I deserve.



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