Testimonial from a tickle lover!

April 16, 2021

Mistress certainly had a lot of fun with this tickle/torture session you know what to do if you wish to be driven wild with my sensually sadistic nature….

15th April 2021

I’ve been visiting dominatrixes for well over ten years, and Miss Curvy is one of the really good ones. She puts you at ease right away with her playfulness and a touch of humour. Once in the dungeon she very much enjoys inflicting whatever form of torture has been agreed upon, and giggles with sadistic glee all throughout the session.

I asked Mistress to tie me down very tightly and tickle torture me without mercy, and boy did she deliver.  The best part of the session was Mistresses ability to sense what works best and when. She has a talent for being able to push certain buttons at just the right amount, resulting in a delightful mixture of torture and pleasure.  And she loves to tease and keep a man on the edge, if that’s your thing…

I am certainly looking forward to visiting again.

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