Testimonial 3rd May 2022

May 7, 2022

Another satisfied new  client who came to me for a bondage and mild CBT/ electrics session wrote me a testimonial –


” I booked a 3hr session, when I arrived Miss Curvy had a little chat. Then asked was I read. We went upstairs. Told to strip, then on to spanking bench, a hold was put on me. Bent over and butt plug inserted.

Told to stand up then into body bag. Where Miss did some CBT on me. The hold was changed.

After a while I was let out of the body bag, tied to the cross and given some play with the electrics.

And finally put in a straight jacket and secured to the bondage bag, again more CBT.

I was finally released and told to get dressed, we went downstairs for coffee and chat about the session before being sent on my way.A very big smile on my face.

This was the first visit to Miss Curvy and won’t be my last”

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