Stretching session cont…

September 16, 2021

So upstairs we went, first things first I selected the dildos I would be using…

A couple of nice girthy 12″ dildos the black with a nice cheeky ridge, the anal bead dildo, inflatable dildo and the black beast and of course Mistresses first, l have big strong broad hands so when I am stretching there is no doubt that I am there!

To start the stretch I began by covering my gloved hands in grease which enables my fingers to slide in easily without having to keep stopping to regrease,  i then begin by gently caressing the rim of his arsehole with the tip of my greased finger giving it a rimming sensation before sliding my index finger in. Once my finger is in the warm soft tunnel I located the prostate and start to stimulate it brushing across with my finger caressing that g spot before sliding one more finger then another. Once he stretched enough to take four fingers I begin with the dildos starting with the girthy 12″ pink one he takes it easily swallowing up a good 10 inches.

To encourage a wider gape I start to use the inflatable bringing it to a good firmness I slide it in then begin the inflating pumping it up a centimetre or so I then start to pull it out almost fully before pushing it back and inflating again and repeating.

He took all dildos, creating some intense suction with the ridged ones and even taking a good third of the black beast!

Now he was stretched to the perfect point where he was ready to take Mistresses fist.

Teasing my way in one finger at a time then thumb I pushed myself in, further and further pushing harder and harder his moans indicating the intensity of his pleasure and pain when I reach the broadest part of my knuckles I can feel his muscles tightening and contracting for that last push and pop I am in, my whole hand deep within the chamber of his warm throbbing hole.

Another thrilling stretching session, again he showed me how much his training has paid off and made me proud of how much he can take from his Mistress..

Are you brave enough to come for a training session? Drop me a message or call me to book if you are!