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Serve Me - you know you want to

SESSION DETAILS – You can choose on specific area or cherry pick a few favourites for a more diverse session


CBT is the term used for cock and ball torture, for me torture doesn’t always equate to pain, torture can be the build up of frustration you experience as you are desperate to empty your bulging sack but I will not allow it.

CBT is definitely up there as one of my favourite forms of kinky play because the possibilities are endless. Depending on what you can take it can range from the sensual using tie and tease, edging, ruined orgasms, cock milking, magic wand and slowly build up to more intensive play with the use of electro stimulation, hot wax and pegs. For a more intense sensation urethral sounding can be an extremely sensual experience sliding the sounds in and out whilst caressing the outside of the shaft and especially when I use the vibrating sound.

I can bind your cock tightly and keep it in whatever state it was in when the binding began either flaccid or erect then focus on the extremely sensitive tip using chemical play, flicking elastic bands or a pin wheel. For the more hard core player there is the opportunity to tap into your inner masochist with sharps play including needles, staples and fish hooks.
Or if impact is your thing then I am extremely skilled at making a direct hit on your sensitive areas with the tip of my crop, I thoroughly enjoy slapping a hard cock and swelling balls, crushing your cock and balls in my strong grip, using electro ball crushers or some good old fashioned ball busting.

All CBT play is done within your limits and I have the knowledge and skill to be able to gauge how far I can take a client within safe sane and consensual boundaries.


You need to be realistic with your expectations of anal play, those guys you see being brutally fisted on porn sites have been having stretching sessions for a long time to achieve that. If you have never been fisted it’s not going to be achieved in a 1hr session, but I am more than happy to have you visit me on a regular basis and safely stretch you to the point of being able to receive my fist, and my fist is large with a circumference of approx 30cm from thumb to little finger knuckle!

But don’t let all this talk of fisting put you off an anal session. First things first you need to be fully douched before coming to an anal session I only have a toilet and sink at the premises so can only use a bulb douche which doesn’t do much if you are wanting to use large toys.. and I have a large array of toys, dildos from 6” to 15” for stretching and strap on play, anal beads, vibrating plugs and electro butt plugs, prostate toys and the most versatile of all my gloved and well lubed hands, ideal for gentle stretching building up the number of fingers to fisting and of course prostate massage and milking. Anal play is an extremely intimate and sensual experience and if dressing up in slutty clothes is your thing it can provide a great humiliation session too, on your knees and suck my huge cock!


Whether you like to come and visit the headmistress for some well-deserved corporal punishment, you are a hard core masochist or just enjoy a light flogging with some otk spanking thrown in I can adjust my levels of impact play accordingly. I do have a heavy hand which is particularly apparent if you end up over my knee, and being ambidextrous it will feel just as severe with either hand plus it takes longer for Mistress to tire!
I have a large range of implements at my disposal, plimsolls, a beautiful wooden ridged hairbrush which can leave some stunning marks, I have a particular liking for crops as they are so versatile and can be used all over the body in very direct strokes plus nice thin whippy dressage crops for that wonderful sting, tawse, leather straps, paddles whips and floggers and of course canes. Heavier canes are my preference but not every bottom can take them so I do have light whippy scorpions up to heavier Singapore judiciary canes. There are plenty of options for where you are placed for impact too, over my knee, over the bench shackled to the St Andrew's cross or roped up to the ceiling on your tippy toes.


A range of possibilities come into this category, I have a body bag, ropes, cuffs, chains, wagon straps, cling wrap, tied to the cross or strapped to the table or bench which can be combined with CBT, nipple play/torture, clamps, electrics, hoods, masks, sensory deprivation, poppers, magic wand, violet wand and even tickling, again at varying levels of intensity depending on your preferences and how much of a wuss you are!


What I enjoy most about sessions is how close I am without you being allowed to touch me intimately, the closest you will get is my feet which I allow you to lick, sniff and massage you may also worship my stocking boots and shoes.

I am sure you would love to get close to my pussy, well tough you could never satisfy me in that area so don’t waste my time trying, although I will happily smother your face with my ample knickers clad arse and whilst you and your breath are at my mercy I have access to your cock, well behaved subs will be treated to a happy ending from my baby oil soaked hands and magic wand.


Hardsports, age play, adult baby, forced bi, no sexual contact with Mistress

Yorkshire Mistress