Session Oct 30th 2021

October 30, 2021

One of my new regulars came to see me today for his 3rd visit.

I always take into account what areas I can develop and what areas are no go, for this sub there is no mark’s to be left,  but this does not deter me there is plenty of other games to play!

He was calm and relaxed having already sessioned with me the trust between us is growing more with each visit, fabulous for me as I can begin to push him a little more whilst still respecting his limits. Fabulous for him as the range of sensations develops and grows with each session.

Today I went for a sensation based session incorporating estim, rubber body bag, gas mask and vibrating sound.

Not especially comfortable with too much anal stretching I chose to create some wonderful anal teasing for him  instead, starting the session using the estim butt plug. A comfortable size to fit into the tightest of holes after first inserting a gloved and well, lubed hand (to begin to stimulate the prostate) I then removed my finger and replaced it with the estim plug.

The sub was positioned perfectly over the bench facing the mirror so as I manipulated the estim through a variety of different programmes and intensities I could watch the reactions on his face. How it made me laugh as i saw his expression change from passive to suprised as I slowly eased up the dial. Not only was the view of his face hilarious but watching his butt cheeks rise and clench on the waves of tiny electric shocks certainly gave Mistress great pleasure!

We then moved away from the spanking bench and I got out the full rubber bodysuit fully encased and zipped up to the neck, I then pulled my blackout gasmask over his head completely locking out the outside world and putting him into a place where he was encompassed in warmth and safety. I played with the mask for a while then slowly began to trace my fingers over his body through the rubber bag, when I reached his middle I could feel him responding to my touch as the bulge beneath the rubber began to swell. Slowly I unzipped the centre zip the expose his cock ready for Mistress to play with.

I then produced my rubber vibrating urethral sound and lathering it with lube I slowly inserted it into his urethra and pressed the on switch,  I teased and tormented sliding the ridged sound slowly up and down feeling the ridges vibrating throught the outside of his cock with my gloved fingers and smiling to myself as it stood up to attention responding to Mistresses touch.

I finished the session by removing the gasmask and attaching the cock loops onto the estim, setting it to pulse I gently caressed the top of his erect cock as he road the waves of electricity just as I felt he was nearing his peak I removed the rings and milked his cock to climax squirting all over the shiny rubber body bag…