New client testimonial May 23rd 2022

June 3, 2022

I visited Miss Curvy for the first time recently.  She has a lovely chambers. She sat me down and talked about my hopes and the rules for the session.  We started with boot worship, she looked incredible in her red boots and I loved worshipping them.

She then led me to her bondage bed and encased me in the body bag and then used electrics to torture my cock, her smile kept me excited and sadly I couldn’t help myself and came, after cleaning up myself and making me taste my cum she led me to the bench where she stretched my ‘pussy’.

Miss Curvy was supportive and eventually I was fucked hard. Which was the best pegging I have ever had.

I was told to lay on the floor and she smothered me whilst torturing my cock and balls, her ass is amazing and I loved every second as she tortured me. Eventually she allowed me to pleasure myself over her feet and I has to clean that up too.

Miss Curvy is beautiful, commanding and caring,  it was the best session I have ever had and I will see her again as soon as possible.  She can torture nipples and cocks and yet make you fall in love with her.

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