Medical/CBT session part 2

January 1, 2022

Now his dental floss bound cock was super sensitive I ordered him to stand with his back against the wall. I then produced a small leather flogger, due to his slit being held open by the floss this is the perfect implemented to get a direct hit right in his sensitive slit.

His cock forced to stay erect within the binding provided the perfect target. I slowly built up using my wrist to give the flogger a circular swishing motion coming at him from the side the movement of the rotating throngs hitting his tip as I kept the momentum up I moved around to allow for the sharp whip of the tails to hit right into his slit, his cries of anguish indicating each direct hit. Then I began using the small crop he had gifted me after discovering my last one broke stricking another lucky subs cock! Just the right size for CBT his frustrated writhing as I repeatedly tapped the leather end on his tip certainly made me smile.

To finish off I donned a plastic apron and latex gloves and we returned to the medical bench. I started to gently unwrap the elastic bandage from his cock registering the sensation of relief and discomfort he experienced as the blood began to rush back up to his glands then removing the floss that was by now imbeddining itself into the skin of his tip.

I then bound his cock and balls at the base and pushed them through the CBT board, using some string I tightly bound just under his glands in order to engorge the tip. Then began the tunnel play, so called because once it starts the only way to stop it is to go through it until the sensation subsides.

The chemical of choice this time was deep heat ( if you have never tried this before dear reader, tread very carefully!!) Using a gloved hand I took a tiny dab and rubbed it into the tip and waited, slowly the cream began to take effect,  once I knew he could handle it I added more this time directly into his slit tip the deep heat clearly beginning to take effect I then dabbled with sensation more by using my vibrating wand and drawing it up and down the shaft and over the tip watching him drift into sub space once the burning had subsided I finished off where I began using clamps to grip open the slit flesh on his tip, this time using the pin wheel varying the pressure until tiny spots of blood began to form all over his well used glands. Another roller coaster of pleasure and pain  to conclude a fabulous session.

Feeling brave and wish to experience some intensive CBT then get in touch 😈