Medical/CBT session part 1

December 5, 2021

After doing anal stretching for our last few sessions we decided to return to some more intensive CBT in this session.

Bigendop has a wonderful split on his glands, partly from a prince Albert out growing and partly from a session I did with him and another Mistress last year where a cauterising pen was used to extend the slit further.

Focus for this session was the glands, and seeing how much pain he could tolerate using a variety of torturous methods, all safe sane and consensual and discussed in detail before the start of the session.

After discovering the effectiveness of dental floss in a previous session we wanted to explore that further.. I began by tying his fully erect penis and balls up tight using a leather shoe lace, for this session to be most effective I need the cocked to be forced to stay in a state of erection.

Once the cock and balls were tightly strapped up I started with the dental floss, pulling it tight through his slit and over to one side to expose as much of the inside of his glands as possible I then drew it back over the other side, this resulted in ridged of flesh exposed on either side of the taut dental floss. Then, to hold it all in place i wrapped the cock tightly in elastic bandage all down the shaft leaving two lengths of dental floss accessible at the base, this would prove to be very useful later on.

Once the bandage was in place the discomfort from the tight dental floss was already apparent so I decided to add to it, I took some forceps and gripped one of the exposed ridges of flesh on the tip and applied pressure, bigendops moans of pain only adding to my pleasure. After doing this to both sides of his split I then moved down, taking forceps I began to wrap the exposed lengths of dental floss around the tips forcing the floss to pull tighter into his glands creating even deeper grooves, at this point bigendop was dosing himself up on poppers whilst riding the waves of pain, but he took it all and,  thanks to our years of playing together, I can read very well when I can increase and when I need to decrease the pain levels always nudging his limits safely further.

Part two of today’s session will be posted in the next few days, we moved on to impact play and finished off with some blood play…if you wish to visit Mistress for a thorough examination go to my ‘Contact Me’ for session details