Loving my new play space

November 1, 2020

I have done a few sessions at “The Chapel” (the Leeds chambers I am based at) now and I am thoroughly enjoying the space. The diversity of different rooms and toys, this Mistress is in her element.

I’m sure you would love to know some of the activities I’ve been getting up to?

I’ve had several naughty subs shackled to the St Andrew’s cross for whipping,nipple torture, ball busting a perfect piece of kit for tie and tease or torture!

I had a wonderfully sadistic session in the medical room, CBT with intensive impact right on the cock tip and some extreme stretching with sounding bars.

Upstairs has a wonderfully ambient dungeon like stepping back into a medieval torture chamber steapped to the bed was the perfect place to try some sensory deprivation using the rubber masks on offer.

The chained swing is just the ticket for anal and strap on play and any insubordination can be dealt with by putting you in one of the many available cages for time out!

I’ve yet to have the opertunity to use the class room or aunties room, so any school boys or naughty nephews out there feel free to book a session and you will be firmly put in your place!