Happy New Year

January 1, 2022

Well I’m sure it I cannot alone in thinking 2021 wasn’t the best year on record,  but in the plus side we made it through! Thankyou to all the clients who gave visited me and supported me this year.

At the start of the year I was based at The Chapel in Leeds just starting to build up a client  base when unfortunately in late May a fire in the building next door caused irreparable damage and we were forced to leave.

It took a few months to find new premesis and thankfully Mistresses Linda and Vanessa were happy for me to join them once again. This is why I work evenings and weekends as the ladies use it on weekdays.

But they struck gold finding these new premesis, although a lot smaller than The Chapel it is big enough to house plenty of high quality equipment.

In the next few months I am looking to update my galleries as most of the pictures were taken in my old premesis. Plus I will continue to post session write ups and testimonials to keep you up to date on my latest news.

And as the months have gone on I have been able to rebuild a regular client base and keep going despite the dreaded Covid attempting to slow us all down again.

I go into 2022 optimistic and excited about progressing further with regular clients and hopefully meeting many more.

I love what I do, the hardest part of this job is time wasters. So if you are new to BDSM then have a good hunt around before contacting a Mistress, take the time and do your research and once you are ready, make contact sometimes email is better as you can put down what your interests are. I understand it can be nerve wracking to  make that first step but I work in a sane safe and consensual way you will have safe word and your safety and enjoyment is as important as mine, the best sessions are when both participants are enjoying it, making a connection, living in the moment and having some good old kinky fun!

Happy New Year and here’s to another 12months of teasing and tormenting 😈

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