Foot worship session in Mistress’s own words

November 8, 2020

My final session before the recent lockdown was with a truly devoted foot worshipper – Footstoolbitch. Now here is a sub who is an ardent fan of anything foot related!

I took the time before our session to have a good chat with him in order to gain a good understanding of the nuances of his particular fetish.

In lou of our session I created a foot smothering box to enable him to be fully encased with the scent of Mistress’s feet.

Being at my mercy was what this sub craved, forced to inhale the aroma of my warm,sweaty feet.

And so I began the session by ordering him to strip ready for inspection after which he was collared and I proceeded to tightly bind him from neck to feet in palette wrap.

What a pleasure it was for me to see the box I had created in action. Subs head encased in a purple velvet sack which I slid my feet into, first together then one at a time, resting them directly on his face. With some nice relaxing music playing in the background this sub was completely absorbed by Mistresses heady foot scent encased in warmth and safety he soon drifted into sub space….

If you wish to be lucky enough to get this up close and personal to Mistress then contact me after lockdown to book a session